Once again new PGP keys...

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… due to being stupid and not remembering my private key passphrase and therefore unable to interact with my private key anymore I deceided to revoke the old key

pub 4096R/0x73538126032AD297 2014-11-12 [expires: 2016-11-11]
Key fingerprint = F5DE 3184 F042 30E7 0CD0 84F2 7353 8126 032A D297

The new key is as follows

pub 4096R/0xEFD7808C60A82FF1 2015-08-22 [expires: 2018-08-21]
Key fingerprint = E04B 3279 3DAD 5F29 CA5F FD48 EFD7 808C 60A8 2FF1

It can be found and retrieved via the usual ways and also via this link

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

Cheers, Christian