Ubuntu 10.10 + HP ProBook UMTS (built in)

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Since I spent loads of my nerves and time of my life to get a built in UMTS modem in my HP ProBook 5320m up and running I decided to write down a very basic installation manual:

  1. Install gobi loader from the package system
  2. sudo mkdir -p /lib/firmware/gobi (this will create the firmware folder)
  3. Download the Firmware and extract it
  4. sudo cp UMTS/* /lib/firmware/gobi (this will copy the default firmware from folder Images/HP)
  5. Look for the correct firmware (subfolders starting with 0,1,2,3,… - see list below)
  6. sudo cp 4/* /lib/firmware/gobi (my carrier is T-Mobile)
  7. Reboot, enter your credentials and be happy :)
Dir Image Remarks
0 Vodafone
1 Verizon
3 Sprint includes special firmware
4 T-Mobile
6 Generic
7 Telefonica
8 Telecom Ita
9 Orange
12 DoCoMo includes special firmware
UMTS Default FW The MD5 on the page mathes this

Links that helped me: ThinkWiki Ubuntu Launchpad